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Manufactures of products associated with ponds

3iQ Ventures LLC - Switching current water director (SCWD).

American Marine Inc. - Pinpoint monitors & controllers, calibration fluids and accessories.

American Thermal Instruments - High grade liquid crystal display thermometers.
Argent Laboratories
- Cyclop-eeze and other aquatic animal health care products and programs.

AquaC - Protein skimmers and accessories.

Aquadyne - Octopus 3000 controller/monitor.

Aqua Medic - Turboflotor skimmers and other products.

Aquarium Currents - Sea Swirl rotating return device.

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, Inc - Tap water purifier, test kits, filter media, etc.

Aquarium Products - Water treatments, medications, breeding accessories, etc.

Aquarium Systems - Instant Ocean salt mix, maxi and mini-jet powerheads, etc.

Aquarium Technology Inc. - Makers of the Hydro-Sponge filter.

Barron's - Books on aquarium keeping.

BlueLine - Lighting controllers, moonlight simulators, wavemakers, top-off systems, pump saver.

Blue Ribbon Pet Products - Filter media, foods and other pet products.

Champion Lighting & Supply - Lighting systems, filters and other accessories.

Cichlid Press/Aquatic Promotions - Books and CDs on cichlids, and some other fish groups.

Creative Plastic Research - Makers of the BAK PAC Protein Skimmer.

CustomSeaLife, Inc. - Power Compact fixtures and lamps.

EG Danner/Supreme - MagDrive and Pondmaster water pumps.

ESV Products - B-ionic Calcium Buffer System and other supplements for the marine aquarium.

Farm Innovators - Pond and various other de-icing products.

Goldfish Connection - Foods for goldfish and koi. Livestock also available.

Hagen - Aquaclear filters, air pumps, powerheads, water treatments and other accessories.

Hamilton Technology - Lighting systems.

HBH Enterprises - Fish foods.

Hikari USA - Fish foods.
- Heaters, filters, pumps and other aquatic accessories.

IceCap, Inc. - Electronic ballasts for fluorescent and metal halide lamps.

Iwaki Walchem - High quality water and other pumps.
- Solution that helps to eliminate Aiptasia sp. and Majano sp. anemones.

Jungle Labs - Foods, medications and water treatments.

Kent Marine - Water supplements, algae scrapers and other aquarium accessories.

Lees Aquarium and Pet Products - Vegi-clips and other accessories.

Little Giant Pump Company - Water pumps.

Marc Weiss Companies, Inc. - Coral Vital, Live Sand Booster and other supplements.

Marine Enterprises International - Big Mombassa protein skimmer and other products.

Microcosm - Publisher of books on various subjects relative to the marine aquarium hobby.

North American Brine Shrimp - Brine shrimp eggs (artemia cysts) from the Great Salt Lake.

Neptune Systems - Aquacontroller/monitor systems.

Oscar Enterprises - Surface skimmer, filters and cleaning accessores.

O.S.I. Marine Labs, Inc. - High quality fish foods.

Penn Plax - Products for aquariums and other animals.

Pentair Aquatics - Aquarium, pond and aquaculture products. Formerly Rainbow Lifegard.

Perfecto Manufacturing - Aquariums, hoods, stands and accessories.

Plantabbs - Barley bales, pondtabbs, aquatic plant fertilizers.

Poly Bio-Marine - Poly Filters and Kold Ster-il 3 Stage Hi -Flow Water Filter.

Precision Marine Systems - Protein Skimmers, Calcium Reactors and CO2 Components.

Python Products - No Spill clean and fill and other cleaning accessories.

Red Sea Fish pHarm - Berlin protein skimmers, salt, test kits and additives.

Salifert - Test kits, supplements and remedies.

Saline Solutions - Protein skimmers, acrylic aquariums, filtration and more.

San Francisco Bay Brand, Inc. - Brine shrimp based and other foods.

Sea Life Supply - Medusa controllers, chillers and various other aquarium accessories.

Seachem - Water conditioners, supplements, test kits.

Spectrapure - Water purification systems.

Tetra: English- Aquarium, pond and reptile products.

T.F.H Books - Books on all aspects of the aquarium hobby.
Tropic Marin
- Marine salt, hydrometers, thermometers, additivies and test kits.

Tunze - Cleaning magnets, skimmers, filters and more.

Two Little Fishies - Marine and freshwater supplements, books, lighting systems.

Ultralife Reef Products - Water purification, water pumps, etc.

Ultraviolet Resources International - Fluorescent lamps and other lighting options.

Vortex Innerspace Products - Diatom filters and accessories.

Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc. - Rotating powerheads and other accessories.