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Jacksonville Emergency - Hurricane & Disaster Numbers and Websites

Emergency Management 630-2472

Price gouging: 800-646-0444


Evacuation Guide

24-hour Crisis Hotline 866-319-4480

Hurricane Tracking Chart

JEA 665-6000

City of Jacksonville Info Line 630-4636

Hurricane Tracking Site

Beaches Energy 247-6171

Elder Services: 800-963-5337

Caribbean Hurricane Network

FPL 800-4-outage

Florida Emergency Info 800-342-3557

Weather Matrix

Salvation Army: 800-sal-army

Police or Fire Emergency 911

National Hurricane Center

American Red Cross 358-8091

Police non emergency 630-0500

Beaches debris on roads 247-6278

Special Needs Shelters Disaster Assist Insurance 800-22storm Department Insurance: 800-227-8676
Food & Water Safety FEMA Assistance: 800-621-3362  

Protecting Important Documents 

  • Store originals in a safe-deposit box at a bank.
  • Choose a bank some distance from your home to reduce the risk of both places suffering the same disaster.
  • Get a listing of all of your banks locations, addresses and phone numbers.
  • Copy all the documents in the safe-deposit box and place them in an evacuation box (preferably a fire-proof box).
  • Store your evacuation box some place you can get to easily. Take it with you if you evacuate.
  • Update documents in both boxes once or twice a year.
  • Write instructions concerning health and financial decisions for your family in the event you become incapacitated.
  • If you own a home, consider opening a home equity line of credit so emergency funds will be available.

For Evacuation Box Only

  • Safe-deposit box information (location, contents and key)
  • Cash, a few rolls of quarters and travelers checks.

Safe-Deposit Box Or Evacuation Box

  • Insurance policies (life, auto, homeowners, renters, etc.)
  • Copies of health insurance information (insurance card, doctors name and number, prescriptions, allergies and immunizations)
  • Photocopy of drivers license
  • Birth, Death and Marriage certificates
  • Social Security card
  • Passport
  • Will and living will
  • Mortgage/property deeds
  • Adoption papers
  • Military records
  • Car titles
  • Trust documents
  • Tax return(s)
  • Written instructions for family members List of emergency contacts, (family, friends, lawyer, financial advisors, etc.)
  • Personal property inventory (item description, serial number, receipt and photograph or video)

Other Documents To Consider

  • Home improvement records /receipts
  • Warranties and receipts for major purchases
  • Appraisals of jewelry, collectibles, artwork, etc.
  • Credit card records
  • Retirement account records
  • Recent checking, savings and investment account statements
  • Rental agreement and/or lease
  • Recent pay stub and employee benefits information
  • Backup disks of critical computerized information
  • Negatives of irreplaceable personal photographs (with protective plastic sleeves)

Red Cross Disaster Kit

Basic Shelter-In-Place Kit should include:

Battery Powered Radio


Flashlight & Batteries

Bottled Water Snacks

Small First Aid Kit

Prescription Medications (If Needed)

7 to 14 Day Supply of Food and Water

Manual Can Opener


Additional Set of Eyewear


Plastic Sheeting and Duct Tape to seal windows & Vents when told to do so. (These can be pre-measured, cut and marked to allow quick installation).

Any Other Items Needed to Increase Your Comfort (Supplies should last for at least 7 days)

Things to Remember

Stay calm

Close all windows and doors

Turn off window fans, vents, air conditioners, furnaces, etc.

Do not use the telephone

Bring all pets inside

Seal all cracks around doors and windows with tape or wet towels.

Monitor radio and television to receive updated information and follow the instructions of your government officials.

We recommend that your shelter in place kit be stored in a box and placed under your bed or in a closet until needed.