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Chat Shorthand

AAMOF -  as a matter of fact
AFAIK -  as far as I know
AKA -  Also known as
AISI -  as I see it
ANAWFOS -  and now a word from our sponsors
ASAP -  As soon as possible
BION -  Believe it or not
BOT -  back on topic
BRB -  be right back
BTDT -  been there done that
BTL -  Between the lines
BTW -  By the way
BWG! -  Big wicked grin
CFUD -  Computer Fine, User Drunk
CGYT -  Cat got your tongue?
CRS -  can't remember spit
CRUD -  Computer in regamortis until Deleted (& rebooted)
CSNN -  Correct Spelling Not Needed
CYJ -  Cool your jets! Calm down
DBEYR -  don't believe everything you read
Dejanews -  archives for all newsgroups
DG -  Devious grin
DGA -  Don't go away
DP -  Domestic partner
DUMKYH -  does your mom know your here
EAK -  Eating at keyboard
EG -  Evil grin
EGWWT -  Evil grin with wicked thoughts
FBTW -  From bad to worse
FBOW, 4BOW -  for better or worse
FOCL -  Falling off chair laughing
FTASB -  faster then a speeding bullet
FTBOMH -  From the bottom of my heart
FYI -  For your information
GAL -  Get A Life
GFETE -  Grinning From Ear To Ear
GI -  Get it?
GIGO -  Garbage In, Garbage Out
GMAB -  Give me a break
GMTA -  great minds think alike

GOL -  Groaning out loud
GPWI -  Got a problem with it
GWTF -  Go with the flow
H -  Hug
HAGD -  Have a good day
HDYDT -  How did you do that?
HS -  Heavy sigh
HT -  Hot tub
HTH -  hope this helps
IAC -  in any case
IAIYH -  It's all in your head
IAJ -  It's a joke
IANAL -  I'm not a lawyer........
IAO -  I'm out of here
IBTD -  I beg to differ
IM -  Instant message
IMA-I might add
IMHO -  In my humble opinion
IMO -  In my opinion
IOW -  in other words
JK -  Just kidding
MYOB -  mind your own business
OBTW -  OH by the way
ONNA -  Oh No not again
OTOH -  On the other hand
ROFL -  Rolling on the floor laughing
SWAG - Scientific Wild-Ass Guess
TBYB -  try before you buy
TNTL -  trying not to laugh
TTYL -  talk to you later
******* Tons of kisses
----<---<<@ A rose
----<---<<@ x12 A dozen roses
 - -) humor
 - -( sad
 - -! foot in mouth
< - -) very dumb question
~= flame
O - -) for those innocent souls
 - x) haba a code in by dose
( - )0 scuba diver
 - -D big mouth
 - -X won't say a word
 - -O Ohhhh
 - -P sticking tongue out at you ... a raspberry
ALL CAPS -  Considered SHOUTING. Use CAPS only as emphasis.